Coming Home After Traveling

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It’s weird how when you are sitting back in your old familiar room or at the kitchen table it seems as though all the time you spent traveling never really happened.

It soon becomes a distant memory, almost like a dream, as you settle back into life at home. You have pictures, videos, and memories but it can feel like you were never really away from the place that is your home, even if it was for a few years. Coming home after traveling can be a serious depression for some people.

Coming home after traveling can be a serious depression for some people.

The place where you are living should not be the determining factor to your happiness. It took me a few years to discover this, but I am glad to have made this life choice in my mid-twenties and not let it drag me down any longer.

The sunny weather does help a lot but where you are is not what really determine your happiness, you do.

Strandhill Sligo Tropical Nomad

This might be an odd statement but I can honestly say that I hated living in Ireland and had done for quite some time back in 2009. I had the mentality that there was nothing here for me. I wanted new places, adventures, and experiences.

I realize that many feel the same way and it is no wonder that the majority of young people head off to Australia as soon as they finish school. I realize now that this was more of a personal outlook on life and not directly related to Ireland.

Ireland is a beautiful and amazing country with good food, friendly people, and all the essentials to make life comfortable – well-built houses, electricity, internet, running hot water, functioning sewerage. You will take these thinks for granted until you are on an island that has no electricity after 6pm, or the internet goes out for 5 days, or you put your toilet paper in a basket swarming with ants instead of the toilet!

Creating The Dream

As far back as I can remember, there has been a poster of the Maldives by my bedside. I would stare into this and drift off into daydreams while doing college projects or lying in bed smoking a joint in my younger years. The soft white sand, turquoise waters, hammock and luminescent palm trees looked a place so far removed from the west coast of Ireland that it was almost too perfect to believe existed. I mean look at this picture and tell me you don’t want to be here.

This could be considered planting the seed and as I visualized myself on that hammock, the world conspired to get me there! This is no different now, only that I am enjoying the wait a little bit more.



So I guess what I am trying to say is that coming home ain’t that bad! I believe we either choose to be happy or let other influences determine our level of contentment.

Like changing the lens on a camera, travel has helped me see the beauty in my home country and in the world around me. We look forward to tropical beaches in a few months again but for now, Ireland is amazing. Look at some of these photos I took all near my home and try to convince yourself otherwise.

Over here on the west coast along the Wild Atlantic Way, we have unspoiled beaches, clean air and plenty of activities to keep life fun and entertaining.

Strandhill Sligo Ireland Tropical Nomad

Strandhill Sligo Tropical Nomad
Strandhill Sligo Ireland Tropical Nomad





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