Dodgy Taxi Drivers in Bali

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When you travel to a south east Asian country, you expect a frantic situation with the local taxi drivers. Standard procedure. In Bali, we came across some dodgy taxi drivers! You are outside… Lets say 50-100 taxi drivers pulling out of you and shouting at you –

Where you go? Special price.. You come now!…

I always laugh at this and just bull through them until I am away from the crowd. For you see, I am a bit of a research freak before I travel anywhere. Believe me, I will know the fare from Denpasar Airport to the Patra Hotel and Kuta, long before we boarded a plane to Bali.

Ngurah Rai Airport Taxi is the only company which has the monopoly to bring tourists out of the airport.  No other taxi company is allowed to have a service counter in the airport.

Blue Taxi bali

When we booked the hotel, there was a complimentary taxi, so I told him to wait outside in an email and there he was. He was  friendly man and did his job 100%…


Once unpacked and ready to see the sizzling sights of Bali’s underbelly, we had the hotel ring us a taxi and asked how much it should be and was told 25,000 IDR – $2.50 US.


We got in to town, and sure enough the after was 23,000 IDR and we gave him 30K – Cool, $3 for a 10 minute ride.


The night consisted of a few drinks, dinner and back to the hotel. We were all joking and chatting about what we planed on doing when we came to our destination. Only this time the fare had somehow miraculously jumped up to 150,000 IDR – $15 US. My friend and I laughed pretty hard at the taxi mans feeble attempt to scam us out of our cash. I don’t know what he thought but we didn’t come down in the last rain shower.

Bali map

We handed him 25,000 IDR and tried to get out of the car. Locked. . .


Now if you were in a dodgy part of town in a country you had only just landed into you might be inclined to pay and be on your way. If you felt unsafe that is.



But there were 6 of us, 3 couples and we were parked in the drop off area of a 5 star hotel!. How did the man think this was going to go his way!?… So we just started shouting at the reception staff and banging on the windows. The taxi driver was livid at this stage, demanding 100,000 at least for the ride. For his dirty trick, we stuck with the 25,000 IDR and hopped out.


Over the course of the 4 nights, every single taxi tried to rip us with one even going for a whopping 240,000 IDR with a meter! Each time we just hailed the staff and it was sorted. Respect to them, as they always told him to stop being a rip off and drive away.

Keep spare change handy. Drivers often claim not to have any change for the fare, so they can then pocket the excess.

I am aware that most people that stay at the Patra in Bali and probably rich and gullible and not cheapskate Irish who will argue over a dollar if you try to take it by some sneaky means. Don’t get me wrong, I am a good tipper if the service is good, but something inside me just hates it when someone rips you off intentionally.

Ngurah Rai Airport Taxi 

[learn_more] Other than Blue Taxi – This is the list of Taxis in Bali These taxis will be dispatched to your hotel or location if you call for them.

  • Bluebird/Bali Taxi: +62 361 701111
  • Geka PT: +62 361 289090
  • Gelora PT: +62 361 241444
  • Koperasi Taksi Kowinu Bali: +62 361 77166
  • Koperasi Taksi Ngurah Rai: +62 361 724725
  • Ngurah Rai Taxi: +62 361 724724
  • Pan Wirthi Taxi PT: +62 361 723954
  • Rajawali Taxi: +62 361 484537
  • Ramayana Taxi: +62 361 765303
  • Jl. Raya Airport Taxi: +62 361 753722




  1. Yes Adam, my wife just got back from Bali, after a night out got in a Taxi alone (advice is to never get in one alone) the Taxi driver says how much are you going to pay. She said just put the meter on and i’ll pay you that.. Taxi driver said I don’t like how you are talkiing to me locked the doors and drove away from the villa.. After a long chat he did seem to calm down and eventually drove her to the villa where she paid 100,000 IDR double what she sould of..


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