Finding a summer job in Spain

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Finding a summer job in Spain

Spending a summer working in Spain is a truly excellent experience and one you will never regret. With 9.2 million tourists visiting Spain in 2012, there are plenty of opportunities and jobs on offer in the busy tourist resorts.


I have spent two summer seasons in Spain. I worked in tourist resort areas as a chef, bartender and club rep working in Torremolinos in 2005 and Salou in 2009.


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This article is not for those looking to move to a spanish city to learn the language and take in the culture. By all means do that on your time off (if you ever get any!).


I am strictly talking tourist towns, sun, sea, drinking, nightclubs, party boats, bungy jumps, jet skis, and all things 18-35 – summer in the sun.


How much will you make?

The pay is usually pretty miserable, but enough to live on. Most bars will pay 5-7 Euro per hour or 30-50 Euro for an 8-10 hour shift. (In Salou I made 40Euro for 8 hours). The pay will vary depending on what you do. Some of the rep jobs only work on commission for the amount of people they bring into the bar. Although drink is usually included in the form of unlimited Sam Miguel and cheap house wine. You won’t save much, but you will have serious fun!



Rent in a nice apartment with a pool will cost about 350-600 Euro for the month. The best thing to do is book something for a week or two and get chatting to the bar-staff in the area, to see if anyone has a room going. Share houses are always a better idea than paying deposits, as this will dramatically increase your immediate set-up costs. You may be lucky and find a job that provides accommodation, sometimes at a small cost. Although these usually aren’t the most modern apartments, its a great opportunity to get to know the people that your working with.



Otherwise, check the local newspapers, classifieds and look out for these signs on balconies.




When to go

The best time to go is late April or at the start of May.

This is when people start coming and the weather gets hot. The season can end almost instantly, usually around mid Sept. Although sometimes a week or two longer. In Ibiza, the closing Party’s symbolise the end of summer and the island is packed for these epic events. The occur in mid-late Sept and bring in the best and biggest DJ’z in the world.




The best places to work in Spain for the Summer


The best places to look for summer work on mainland Spain are;


Alicante, Salou, Malaga, Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Barcelona, and Marbella.


The Balearic Islands :

Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca and Menorca



The Islands


On the Balearic islands, Ibiza is a definitive first place on many sun seekers lists. I will be writing an article on working in Ibiza for the summer very soon.


On Palma de Mallorca the main concentration of summer work is in Magaluf and Santa Ponsa.


Menorca is a bit quieter than the other Balearic islands and honestly, I don’t know of anywhere other than Menorca town itself, and Cala Blanca that would be worth heading to if you are looking for summer work in Spain.


This is a start guide for finding summer work in Spain. Check out ‘Types of summer jobs available in Spain’ for more…



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