How To Get Free Car Rental in Australia and New Zealand

How To Get Free Car Rental in Australia and New Zealand
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Traveling by car or campervan is definitely one of the best ways to get out and explore a country. Both Australia and New Zealand are popular campervan destinations, but it is the cost that will stop most people from experiencing this fun form of travel.

After mentioning these tips to a friends family while visiting New Zealand they saved over $3000 in campervan rental fees while on holiday due to my recommendation! Renting a car or campervan can be very expensive. But have you ever wondered how you can get free car rental in Australia and New Zealand? I found out how!

This is a great idea and a very cost-effective way to travel for free in Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately, I have never seen this free car relocation service in any other country to date, but if you know of any feel free to mention it in the comments. The idea is that there are free rental cars for flexible travelers. Check out this great guide on how to travel the world for free for more great tips.


New Zealand

These car rental companies need the cars and campervans brought from the less popular drop off areas, to the places where they hire out the cars for patrons regularly (Sydney, Auckland). It could also be just that the car is requested at a certain airport or city so it needs to get there asap. This is when you can strike a gold deal which includes fuel, insurance, and a car! You might only get a very limited time to get the vehicle across the country, though.

The usual way of bringing the car was to send staff to pick it up drive it where it is needed. This costs in wages, fuel, and insurance.  Alternatively, many of these car rental companies have joined up with Transfercar and offer free car relocation for those willing to bring a car from A to B within a certain timeframe.


  • You need to register
  • Be over 18
  • Full Driving License
  • Credit card with a minimum of $1000 limit – for holding purposes and insurance
  • A sense of adventure!

Extra Costs:

  • Fuel – Some will provide, see below.
  • Ferry in New Zealand – The Interislander
  • Campervan parks – Or stay wild. Just don’t get caught! Check out the DOC Website for NZ’s complete list of places to camp.
  • Insurance ‘Extras’.. Pay XYZ get your excess reduced from $3000 to $250. This one is up to you and your confidence in driving.




Free Car Rental in New Zealand

New Zealand’s online relocation service that offers free use of rental cars and campervans  is a Transfercar NZ. The website enables rental car companies to drastically reduce costs in freight while offering a way for travellers to travel this beautiful country for free. Here you can search for free rental cars and campervans from almost every New Zealand rental car company. In return, you will be helping the rental companies drastically reduce their freight costs.

The most popular trip is Christchurch back up to Auckland, as this is where most people will start their journey. Depending on the day and the deal you might get a free ferry from Wellington to Picton (north island to south island), which can cost $180 for a campervan! New Zealand is a pretty small country to get around, yet never short on beauty. There are lots of DOC campervan parks and beautiful camping spots to park up.

Free car rental and relocation in new zealand

Free car rental and relocation in new zealand

How can the rental cars be free?

Rental car companies are spending large amounts of money on relocating cars between their branches, in order to position their fleet for new hires. They can either use expensive trucks or trains or they can let you drive it for free. The rental operators win, you win. They also save on fuel costs.

Free Car Relocation in Australia

Australia has much more ground to cover than New Zealand in terms of distance between destinations. Check out Free Car Rental in Australia to see what the latest deals are. I have come across offers with $500 free fuel, insurance, campervan and 6 days to cross the country. This is every budget travellers wet dream. An inexpensive way to get out and cover some ground in this amazing country.

free car relocation in australia


free car relocation in australia

$250 Fuel Included in this Brisbane to Sydney Campervan!

free car rental in Australia


So there you have it.. Two websites that offer free car rental and relocation in New Zealand and Australia. If you are in either of these countries be sure to keep an eye out for a deal that would suit you. If you found this post useful then please share on social media!

How To Get Free Car Rental in Australia and New Zealand


  1. Great tip and I highly recommend doing this. I managed to take a 7 day relocation and add 3 days to it for $100 going from Christchurch to Auckland. I was able to see all the amazing places I’d missed while hitchhiking this way and at a fraction of the cost!
    Anywhereing recently posted…Mom, Meet NicaraguaMy Profile

  2. There is plenty of anger-honking in NZ, and lots of one-finger salutes in traffic. Perhaps more in cities than on the highway. I can’t recall ever hearing a NZ passer give a honk. Years ago when I was learning to drive, we were taught to do that as a matter of course.

    Kiwi drivers tend to be very impatient, and generally feel that if the limit is ‘x’, then everyone should be going ‘x’ and if you are not, then you get passed, sometimes when it is not safe.

    The scenery is really great, but the highways are scary. Heed all the things that Liz has to say about them.

    Also, the law says that if you are going slower than others on the highway and more than 5 cars pile up behind you the police can (and DO) stop you and issue tickets to you for obstructing traffic flow. Most tourists don’t seem to know about that. Pulling over to let others pass is the thing to do.


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