Interview – Kim of ‘So Many Places’

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In todays Interesting Interview I am featuring Kim of ‘So Many Places’. I came across her blog via social media and was instantly hooked in by her stories of Nepal and India. She engages in an outdoor lifestyle and is interested in self improvement, spiritual development and the fun side of life.

“In May 2012 I quit my job, sold my stuff, and left home to write and travel. This is a blog about discovering the world and fighting like hell for your dreams.” Kim

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When did you decide to start a travel blog and why?

I had a dream of writing and traveling the world. At the time I was working 9-5 in a cubicle. I started my blog in order to give myself a space on the Internet to express myself. I started writing about my dream of seeing the world. It was the ultimate shock when people began reading…

Have you worked as a freelancer online? How did you get started?

I’ve done a bit of freelancing for magazines. I got started by signing up for and then pitching the magazines that accept unsolicited queries. Pitch, pitch, pitch. It’s a numbers game like everything else.

What is your favorite music to listen to when travelling?

I am the worst with music. It’s embarrassing to say this. My iPod broke eight months ago and I never replaced it. My favorite sound is silence. But I do love a mellow tune: Neil Young, Van Morrison, that sort of thing.


Ever had to bribe a cop or border security?

No, thank God! I’m sure I would be completely awkward at that.

Have you ever ran out of money while traveling?

Not so far, though I’ve been in situations where I’m afraid I won’t be able to access the money I do have. Hopefully I never do run out of money- that will be one hell of a bummer.

What country had the strongest effect on your personality and view on life?

India, though Nepal is a close runner up. I just loved the vibrant life of India. And I was at a point in my life when I visited that I was open to change. India shook me up and reassembled my pieces in a different way. I know I’ll never be the same. In Nepal, I fell in love with the mountains and the peace and freedom that comes from being removed from the modern world. Nepal changed me too.


Did you ever use HelpX, Couchsurfing or Woofer?

No, though I keep thinking I should.

Do you read business, self help or success books?

I love me a self help book! I don’t read business books but I do read lots of books about writing, which is my business, so I suppose that counts a little.

Has social media had a big effect on your blog traffic?

I get a lot of traffic from Facebook. I’ve never had a post go viral. I definitely feel like I’m adding one hard-earned reader at a time.


Ever lost you wallet/passport or had it stolen?

No, I’m so boring! I’m just way too high-strung for that.

What is next for your travels and in life?

My husband and I will be spending the summer back in the U.S. I’ll be working on a couple of ebooks and launching the first by early September 2013 (I hope). I’m also working on a travel memoir that I don’t suspect I’ll even have a first draft of until 2014. In the fall of 2013 we’ll head back out on the road to SE Asia. Lots to do!


My blog:



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