Interview – Kristy from The Globetrotting Canuck

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 In the latest addition of my Interesting Interviews section where I feature other travel bloggers from around the world I caught up with Kristy – creative writer behind the exciting travel blog,

“The Globetrotting Canuck”

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After realizing her passion for travel long ago on a trip to Paris, Kristy soon started to imagine all the places she would one day hope to visit. Since then, she has checked off many items on her list in Western Europe, Southeast Asia and elsewhere, and she is always dreaming of her next great adventure. Kristy loves to experience new cultures, visiting interesting places and going on epic adventures. Whether she’s exploring the ancient ruins in Angkor Wat, Cambodia or wandering through her hometown of Vancouver, Canada, she’s always seeking new experiences to share with others. Armed with good observation skills and an eye for detail, Kristy also gives great tips and advice to help her readers plan their own adventures.

When did you decide to start a travel blog and why?

I’ve always loved reading travel blogs and I use them quite often to help plan my own trips. In the end of 2012, I started to think about maybe starting my own blog. Even though I had travelled before, I just got back from my first solo trip to South East Asia. I really wanted to share my stories and tips with other travellers.  I decided from the beginning that I would only blog for fun and so far it has been exactly that!


How do you fund your life of travel? Ever work online?

I am pretty good at saving money. I have never worked online, but I would like to try it in the future. I save a portion of each paycheque from my regular job and that goes straight into my travel fund. I also try to save money while travelling, by doing lots of research finding the best deals on flights and hotels, trying not to eat out for every meal, and aiming to travel in the shoulder or off seasons.


What is your favourite music to listen to when travelling?

It really depends on my mood. Sometimes I just listen to whatever is popular at the time, but I usually listen to classic rock, like Eric Clapton, CCR, and the like. I also love Bryan Adams, and I grew up listening to him, so listening to his songs while travelling reminds me of home. One of my favourite motivating songs is Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac, it might not be travel related but it just reminds me that it is ok to do my own thing and not what everyone else at my age is doing.


Have you ever had to bribe a cop or border security?

No, l haven’t had to and hopefully I won’t need to.


Have you ever ran out of money while traveling?

I have never completely ran out of money while traveling. But I have gotten low, that’s when I evaluate my upcoming plans, and maybe spend the day at the beach (packing my own lunch bought from the grocery store), instead of doing a full day tour of expensive attractions and nice dine-in meals.


What country had the strongest effect on your personality and view on life?

Cambodia. I loved my visit to Cambodia, but it was also eye-opening and hard to take at sometimes. The people were so friendly and proud of their country, even though they have been through so many hard times. Also, seeing the street kids broke my heart a little. I thought and still think a lot about what people here in North America complain about and how these things do not even come close to the Cambodian’s problems. Visiting Southeast Asia, I was reminded just how good we have it in North America (and other first world countries), I just wish some other people were reminded of this as well.


Did you ever use HelpX, Couchsurfing or Woofer? Good – Bad experiences?

I have never used any of them, however, I do have a Couchsurfing account and I do plan on using it one day. While I would not stay with a stranger by myself, I am interested in the planned activity meet-ups that the site also promotes.


Has social media had a big effect on your blog traffic?

Yes, I think social media is huge in promoting my blog. I also love to use social media to share updates, stories, and pictures with my followers and connect with others.

Ever lost your wallet/passport or had it stolen?

No, thank goodness. I always keep my passport, credit cards, and most of my cash in a money belt or in the hotel safe. While the money belt may seem silly, it is very important to protect your valuables and you really don’t notice you’re wearing it.


What is next for you in travels and in life?

Next month I will be heading back to Asia. I will be spending just over two months, visiting China, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. I am really excited to get back to Asia and explore more amazing places. I will be documenting my time in Asia on my blog and via my Facebook and other social media pages. I will come home in time to spend the holidays with my family and friends, and then in the new year, I will look for a new job in the tourism/travel industry. I am not sure when or where will be my next trip after Asia, but I will am always dreaming about new destinations.


You can Follow Kristy on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.




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