Interview – Mo of Mosaffer Travel Blog

Interview – Mo of Mosaffer Travel Blog
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The latest addition to my Interesting Interviews section here on the blog is with Mo of Mossafer travel blog. He caught my attention with his great photography skills and shots of Ireland so I decided to ask him about his blog and future travel plans.

So when and why did you start a travel blog?

In regards of when, around 6 months ago, and to the why, because of the people who are hesitating in doing what we do. I do believe each one of us in this world has been sent for a reason, and I was sent to inspire others, though I have no fear of travel, I do understand the difficulties that we come across, emotionally and mentally. We both know traveling isn’t easy, but it’s a type of pleasure that we gain from, and some people in this world are addicted to it, and I consider myself one of them. It’s the most wonderful drug any human can get addicted to. I always say – ”The Change Is a Beautiful Thing” I do believe that traveling is the answer to most people’s problems.


How do you pay for your travels?

I always saved money before I went anywhere. I never worked while I am on the road. Though this about to change on my up coming long journey throughout South East Asia.

Getting Every Detail

Have you consider becoming a digital nomad?

As I said earlier, I created this blog to inspire others to do what we do best – “Travel”. After creating it I realize there is a chance to monetize it, though I know it’s never enough. I am a digital geek; at least I’d like to think so, and I would love to become a digital nomad, though it’s not as easy as people think all butterflies and rainbows, it’s actually hard work specially while on the road. I am gonna give it a try, hope for the best and see what comes up.


You are into photography – what gear do you use and are you a Photoshop pro?

Photography is another passion I have. I use different kind of gears depends on what I am shooting. The Camera I always use is Canon EOS 450D, I have the original lens for now 18-55mm, and I have another zoom lens 55-200mm, and another micro lens to get the details we are surrounded by, also I might be buying another wide angle lens soon, not sure what to get yet. I use a tripod as well for long exposure and night photography, also remote control for my camera and cleaning kit. I think there is more but that’s all I can remember for now.

Am I a Photoshop pro? Honestly, I am not that close to call myself a pro, though I do basic retouching to my photos to give it that extra life. Check out my Photo Essays that I have published so far, and I will be adding more while I am on the road.


A lot of posts on your site are about motivation. What gets you motivated?

What gets me motivated is seeing the changes in the people who tell me I can’t do it. The needless worriers and the non adventurous. These people are always afraid to do what we do, that’s why I get motivated more in doing it. I can’t imagine myself turning 30 and saying to my family and friends – “I haven’t done much in my life”. I want to turn thirty and say I have done this, I have done that, and I am happy with my life. When I turn 60 I would like to have endless stories with my kids and grandkids, if you stay in your town, doing the same job, drinking in the same pub and meeting the same people then this will never happen.

On Top of Carrantuohill Mountain, Co. Kerry

Does being from Palestine affect you getting visas?

My blood is Palestinian, but in my heart and papers I am Irish and I am so proud of it, just like you Adam. So, wherever you need visas, I need it too. (adam:”my bad!”)…

I see you are in Ireland – How is that going?

Ireland is my second country, sometimes while I am on the road I get asked where I am from and my respond is – Irish.

Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries, and I am not saying that because you are Irish Adam, I am just being honest. Check out my posts about Ireland.


Scuba Diving in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

Which country has had the biggest impact on you?

If you mean biggest impact as a traveller then I have to say Spain. I decided to travel to Spain three years ago with absolutely no plans and it was by far one of my most wonderful experiences I have had. It made me wanted to travel more. I met over 30 different nationalities within 3 weeks of my travels. I ended up in a house party that I wasn’t invited to and everyone became my friend. Within three weeks, I slept three nights in a hostel, while the rest of the days in people’s places. I met an Israeli girl who happened to be one of the sweetest girls, and became good friends. 1 year later I moved to Madrid, Spain for 4 months, check out best things to do in Madrid.


What is next for travel and life?

For life I couldn’t tell you, I live day by day like it’s my last. For travel, I have booked one-way flight ticket to Bangkok, Thailand at the end of this year. This trip will be my longest and most adventurous journey to date. I always wanted to visit South East Asia, and it’s about time to do it. I will be blogging, posting photos, tips & stories while I am on the road.



Mo is a born traveller, wannabe pro photographer, and  people lover. He was born with the travel bug, and considers himself a travel addict having lived in few different places in his life. Mo has traveled to many different cities and has been setting up challenges and travelling without a plan so he is free to explore and meet people. Follow him on his travel blog where he shares his top stories and high quality photos to get you motivated and inspired to travel.


Follow Mo on Social Media:

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Google Plus: Mo Draj



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