Shit Backpackers Say

Me in Thailand
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What springs to mind when you hear the word backpacker?

Cheap beer? Beans on toast? Camper-van? Stoned hippies?

Most people  go backpacking to party, immerse themselves in other cultures and party some more…

Backpackers are a very loose subculture of travelers who carry all their stuff with them in a backpack. Typically they are driven by a sense of adventure, and as such are always trying to find somewhere beautiful, completely off the beaten track.

The reality is that most of backpackers move to through the same well worn tracks, laid out by the tourism industry they claim to despise. Herded like sheep on and off buses to the popular must see spots. The backpacker industry is especially huge in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and south east Asia. All of these places have lots of activities, organised tours and hostels to party and keep the jager bombs flowing and the hangovers pounding.

They often travel as cheaply as they can to maximise the time they can spend on the road, accepting squalid accommodation or sharing rooms if it will save them any money. Most are in their twenties or early thirties, and almost all are between 18 and 40 though older and younger people aren’t unheard-of.

Tropical Nomad Thailand

People go backpacking for all sorts of reasons but will almost always take offense if it is implied that they are ‘on holiday’; backpackers typically consider travel a separate, more serious engagement, all about broadening the mind, experiencing other cultures and trying to satisfy what is often a deep-seated and more often than not insatiable wanderlust.

Some head off to the beaches of Australia and some go to India with Eat, Pray, Love in hand hoping to find the same sense of enlightenment on their journey.

Backpackers will usually have to find work if they are on a working holiday visa and throw there hand to a variety of jobs to fund there travels. The most common are hospitality, farm and fruit picking.

Others will save loads of cash before they go, and just budget there funds. This is usually only for a 2-4 months.

Here is a funny video I found, taking the piss out of some of the things backpackers say.

A small part of  this comes from Urban Dictionary.



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