The 10 Most Dangerous Airlines In The World 2013

The 10 Most Dangerous Airlines In The World 2013
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I decided to share the The 10 Most Dangerous Airlines in the World 2013 with all you guys so you can be scared shitless the next time you fly with one of these airlines.

Flying is a wonderful thing, but the reality is that you put full control of your life into someone else’s hands and there is absolutely nothing that you can do if something does go wrong. Lets just hope that the pilot is good and wasn’t on the scotch in the hotel bar the previous night!

The actual odds of dying in a plane crash is estimated at 1 in 11 million. Amazingly, 95.7 percent of people who are in a plane crash survive. The odds of perishing in a car crash are 1 in 5000. So flying is technically 2,200 times safer than taking a drive!

The Jet Airliner Crash Evaluation Centre has revealed its statistics of the most dangerous airlines based on the last 30 years of air travel. These statistics record hull loses, which means that the aircraft was totally destroyed, and the number of fatalities, to come to their conclusion. The airlines come from all over the world and these are the airlines with the worst safety rating in 2013.


How are the airlines assessed?

There are many factors considered when analyzing the airlines for the Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation such as;

  • Time since the last incident
  • Number of fatalities
  • Was it was the airline’s fault or not?
  • The cause of hull loss


#10 Skywest Airlines USA

Plane skywest


Skywest is North Americas regional carrier and regarded as a very safe airline to fly with. They have had more than two incidents where airplanes have run into each other in an airfield with passengers on board in San Francisco. No injuries were sustained during these but the potential was high for casualties. Skywest came in 10th place with three hull loses and 22 dead in the past 30 years.

#9 South African Airlines

Most Dangerous Airlines

Africa’s air safety record is amongst the worst in the world. Kenya Airlines had some very bad crashes in recent years. South African Airlines came up in 9th place with one hull loss and 159 dead.

#8 Thai Airways


Throughout the 2000s, Thai Airways struggled with financial hardship and re-branding. It is now one of the most successful airlines in Asia. Thailand’s national carrier, Thai Airways came up in 8th place with five hull losses and 309 dead.

#7 Turkish Airways

10 most dangerous airlines in the world 2013

Turkish Airways have recorded a massive six hull losses and 188 people dead.

#6 Saudi Arabia Airlines

10 most dangerous airlines in the world 2013

Saudi Arabia Airlines have recorded a total of four hull losses and 310 people dead.

#5 Korean Airlines

10 most dangerous airlines in the world 2013

Korean Airlines have recorded nine hull loses and 687 people dead in the past 30 years. They had two crashes between 2000-2013 & eight crashes in the 1990’s.

# 4 GOL Transportes Aereos (Brazil)



GOL Transportes Aereos Safety Record

GOL airlines have recorded just one hull loss with 154 people dead. There plane went down above the rainforest between Brasilia and Manaus.

#3 Air India



Air India Safety Rating

Air Indian have had three hull losses with 329 people dead. On the Air India flight 182 which crashed 23 June 1985, on board there were 268 Canadians, 27 British citizens and 24 Indians.

#2 TAM Airlines


TAM Airlines Safety Rating

TAM Airlines has a record of six hull losses with 336 people dead. The most recent of which crashed upon landing during rain in São Paulo on July 17, 2007. The pilot overshot the runway and crashed into the TAM building. This is the worst recorded crash involving an Airbus A320 anywhere in the world.

#1 China Airlines



China Airlines Safety Rating

China Airlines have come out on top as the worlds most dangerous airline to fly with, even though is has been over 10 years since there last fatal accident. They stamped themselves with this label permanently due to there many incidents in the 1990’s.The last fatal accident occurred in 2002.

It will remain difficult for China Airlines to climb back up the safety ratings with a record of eight hull losses and 755 people dead.


Better hope he is not flying!
Better hope he is not flying!

If you are wondering where I got my facts it was over at TheWeek.


    • Hey Cath, I have flown with Thai airways before and it was excellent. Most of these airlines have been safe for 10+ years, it is just their history that gets them on the list!

  1. I just got off of my first Aeroflot flighty and I’m mildly surprised they aren’t on the list. Happy to still be alive after being on 4 of the 10 airlines. Not sure if they are still in business, but Daallo airlines should for sure on standby at all times to join the top 10.
    Nailah recently posted…First Night in YerevanMy Profile

  2. I have to admit, I tend to look at on time arrival stats and price before I look at safety stats when booking airlines. We just completed a 10 flight trip that included flights on US Airways (now merged with American); Philippine Airlines; Thai Airways, which I really liked and where the pilot spoke better English than I do; Lao Airways (ATR turbo prop) and Vietnamese Airlines. Ever since losing some very good friends in the crash of TWA Flight 800 in 1996, I’ve become very fatalistic about flying. If I want to wake up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and next go to bed in Chiang Mai, Thailand (40 hours later), I have to fly. The fact that we have launched our children has also lowered the stakes. (PS: Hmmm. I hope this comment does not become an ironic part of my obituary).

    • Ya I feel like there are only a few airlines that I would avoid and Thai Airways is definitely not one of them! They are great. Sad to hear about your friends, a bad way for anyone to go.. Flying is still 2000+ times safer than being in a car!

    • Hey Jo, as I mentioned it is based off a statistics website I found. Maybe it didn’t include Russian airlines as they would probably not release the stats!? Thanks for stopping by

  3. China Airlines is one of Taiwan’s two national carriers (EVA is the other, and is consistently rated as one of the world’s safest airlines). Anyway, we used to live in Taiwan, and all the expats there called it “scare air.” We flew it a number of times, and it was perfectly fine: I think you’re right in that it will take a long time to climb out of the 1990s hole it dug, although it does seem fine now. That said, whenever we had a choice, we tried to opt for EVA.
    Katie recently posted…Around the World in 80 Drinks: Single Malt Scotch Whisky in Edinburgh ScotlandMy Profile

    • They are safe NOW… But back in the day them bad crashes caused them to remain in the list until it passes the 30 year mark. Cheers for the comment


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