Beautiful Views in Greece

Beautiful Views in Greece by tropical nomad travel magazine
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If you are a landscape lover, you are totally remiss if you have never visited Greece; views of sheer beauty unravel before you if you choose your location wisely. Hearing about the infamous sunset of Santorini island, in the Cyclades complex of Greece’s Mediterranean, meant I had to experience it to the fullest from the best location possible.

Combining it with a weekend in Greece’s capital, Athens, before flying out to Santorini was a wise travel decision, as I experienced the unique aura of the Athens’ Acropolis, from my veranda.

Greece travel blog post

Athenian Acropolis – Rock ‘n’ Awe

Athens has a rich history and heritage and it is manifested in the ancient rock of Acropolis. From AthensWas, I had the lifetime opportunity to stay at a gorgeous little suite offering an Acropolis view from the veranda. The Acropoli panorama lies at your eye level: the grandiose rock, which literally means ‘highest point of the city’, will leave the viewer in utter awe. The anciency of the structure, and the main temple, the Parthenon, will send shivers down your spine, when you consider the centuries of its standing tall and proud, as the protector of this ancient city and its civilisation. During the day you will want to venture around and explore the picturesque areas of Thisio, Monastiraki or Plaka which are all located around the base of the magnanimous rock, and are at a walking distance from the hotel.

But during the night, you will want to return to your Acropolis view veranda, as the elegant, neo-classical feel accommodation and the incomparable view, is perhaps worth much more than a casual drink at any random local bar. AthensWas has its own signature cocktail menu available at its Modern rooftop restaurant, that gives you the best of both worlds: allows for a quiet drink in, while never losing the Acropolis from your sight.

Greece travel blog post

Santorinian Sunset – Like no other

I moved onto the much anticipated second leg of my journey, and that was Santorini bound. After being so positively surprised by my Athens visit, I felt that it would be difficult for me to be swept away by yet another panorama; I was largely mistaken. I had strategically selected to stay in the area of Oia, because apparently, the sundown in Oia reflects Santorini at it’s finest hour. Being well-aware of the pandemonium caused by hundreds of sunset-frenzied visitors that jam-pack the narrow cobble streets hoping for a glimpse of the glorified sunset, I wanted to avoid this by all means.

Greece travel blog post

The enchanting suites of Art Maisons Oia Castle, promised direct sunset view, and they surely delivered. I had inquired about the sunset time, just before 8pm during late spring-early summer months, and was prepared to experience it from the super comfortable balcony lounge bed of the pool.

The setting was absolutely breath-taking, as the fiery sun gradually sinks into the deep blue it paints a sea of auric hues that fills you with warmth and hope. The dying sun graces the evening sky, and the dramatic cliff location of the Caldera, opposite the ancient volcano, places you at the forefront of the sunset. And the legendary old fortress location of Oia Castle guarantees the most exclusive sunset of your life.

Beautiful Views in Greece  by tropical nomad travel magazine


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