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sailing around the calderaLuxury prevails in Santorini and that’s a fact! The marvelous Caldera is lined with sumptuous accommodation boasting magnificent views over the Aegean Sea and its famous volcano right in the middle. What’s more, indoor spaces of suites and villas in Santorini include high-standard modern amenities, elegant decoration and custom made furniture to meet the needs of every discerning traveler!

CalderasailingOutdoor options in Santorini are also ample. Fine dining, exceptional drinks and top-notch clubs abound in the island’s main town, Fira.

However, visitors seeking a feature of extra luxury for their special holiday in Santorini can also choose a private cruise around the island’s rugged shores!

There is a wealth of cruises, so pick the one suitable for each occasion.

If you wish to take a closer look at the coastline surrounding Santorini, then go on a day cruise around the Caldera. In such a cruise you’d most probably sail past the unique White and Red beaches and finally reach the famous volcano. After a hiking tour on the volcano you will get a relaxing swim in the hot springs of the islets of Nea and Palaia Kammeni or try out some snorkeling in the small private bays. During your day cruise around the Caldera make sure you have booked an on board meal, as it would be perfect to savor exceptional recipes from the local cuisine feeling the Aegean Sea breeze caressing your skin.

Sweet couples that would like to do something special in their honeymoon can opt for a sunset cruise. Sail past Santorini’s impressive beaches and along the Caldera.  See the iconic Venetian Lighthouse and enjoy an utterly romantic dinner on board. Watch the clear sky turning into red while diving into the sea and experience deeply emotional moments with your significant other.

Nevertheless, more active visitors might find a cruise to small Cyclades more interesting. It’s the perfect way to see other places as well. Organize a private cruise for you and your friends or family and   sail to the scenic islands of Ios, Koufonisi, Shinousa and many more, depending on your time.

Last but not least, for a holiday in absolute luxury you should also make a careful hotel choice. Andronis Boutique Hotel in Oia offers its guests a stay in sumptuous cave-style suites boasting the most beautiful views in Santorini.

So, off to Santorini this summer to pamper yourself with a private cruise around Caldera and a stay in lush surroundings!small harbor in Santorini

Where to cruise around Santorini Greece 2017


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