Wild Atlantic Way Infographic

wild atlantic way infographic 2017
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wild atlantic way infographic 2017

The Wild Atlantic Way is an epic coastal drive along the west coast of Ireland stretching from Derry to Cork across approx 2750km of rugged landscape and jaw-dropping scenery. The coast is battered by heavy seas and strong rain for most of the year which gives it the unique landscape we hold dear. I live along the Wild Atlantic Way route in Sligo which hosts some of the best surf spots in Europe as well as the title for Adventure Capital of Ireland this year. As the days have gotten longer now thanks to Spring, you can be sure of long days to get out and explore this beautiful driving route.

I was feeling creative so I decided to make an Infographic! Lots more to come on the Wild Atlantic Way in the coming months..

WildAtlanticWay Infographic Ireland West Scenic Driving Route #wildatlanticway


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    • Cheers Agness. I have been learning how to make these lately and it’s pretty fun once you get the hang of it. I live in one of the main spots along this route and can’t help but notice the Irish Tourism board have done a massive job of promoting the Wild Atlantic Way, so I figured I would make my own infographic!


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